Chill out!
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2005-04-11 09:35:11 (UTC)

It's Monday! But 2morrow will suck.Why??????

It's Monday! School Tomorrow, isn't that exciting?No
because its enrichment day tomorrow which I don't really
enjoy. This enrichment tomorrow is a day you have to make
an outfit with NEWSPAPER AND GARBAGE BAGS and model them
for GRADE 3 and 4s. GOd. Is there nothing else to do other
than talking to newspaper all day and make them into
something that u will chuck in the bin at some stage?
Anyway, hows life every1?
I am not obsessing over crushes anymore coz I really think
its just a waste of time and energy.
I am obsessing over with I can do my best in everything
I am enjoying life so far, so dats a gr8 thing...

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