a slave's journal
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2005-04-11 05:04:02 (UTC)

4/10/05 ~date with Daddy~

Dear Diary,

the time has come sooner than expected, we are going to
meet. or should i say start with the reals. im scared
nervous excited and so very very happy. no with the
circumstances mind you but with the very fact i will be
with him and my sis finally. i have a tummy fulla
butterflies and a pussy so wet i might as well not get
dressed at all anymore once again he has shown me that
though i am human and can be playful that he is strong
powerful and able to put me in my place i love him so much
for that its more than i have ever gotten as slave it
makes me feel incredibly special and loved its not
something i can explain it comes from within its like the
moment i know even in play that something is not right i
want and crave his forgiveness im not sure that makes
sense to anyone but me maybe its just another way i am
growing in my slavery he reminds me each day of who i am
and what i am to be online but very soon he will show me
more pushing me more testing my limits each day in person
mouldign and making me the pleasure slave i am meant to be
perhaps it is just me but love is no longer just a word
but a feeling that over rides all others. to say i love
you Master or love you Daddy now makes my heart ring with
joy pride and passion.