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2005-04-11 04:56:20 (UTC)

BOYS yuck

Ok so Lisa B and I are going to start a fan club, that BOYS
SUCK. Being honest for guys might come as a really hard
thing for them to do. Seriously I would rather know the
truth and be brutally honest, than have you hide what you
are really thinking.
There must be a reason, that some boys and I just don't get
along and that is because I hate assholes. There are some
assholes out there too. You say that girls cause drama, well
you guys bring the drama, the girls just tell the truth.

"Man makes plans...God laughs"
That was the best quote that I have heard in a really long
time. It is so true, no matter how hard you, or as much as
you plan things out in your life, it doesn't necessarily
mean it is going to happen that way.

In a really blah mood today...

I got to hang out with Les and Ev today WHOOO!!!! =)

Happy Birthday Chrissy!!!

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