Fragile life
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2005-04-11 03:40:48 (UTC)


i m worried that i might
not be able to manage nursing course
haiz... wat should i do??
she said.. this is the last option u can choose...
and indeed she's right..
there's no way backing out again..

becos this is wat i had choosen..
no one can help me except myself...
i 'm not a independant kid...
i always rely on my surrounding pple..
its so pathetic u would said..
i myself knew it too..
but wat can u and me do??
this relying habit is in me
how could i change...
if i change.. i m not myself anymore..

perhaps u would said i m a coward...
maybe its true.. but wat can i do... no
nothing i can do...
just hope that i would like my job..
and i took up this job.. becos..
i can join air stewardess.. in the future..
however.. i just realise that i might
not be able to take up
as i m not qualified..
cos.. haiz.. not tall enough,..
so wat should i do??

hope that everything will be fine...

:( or :)

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