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2005-04-11 02:33:58 (UTC)

un-sure feelings

wow its been a while since i last wrote in this but i have
had nothing important to talk about..but now i do...during
spring break my grand mother died at 5:05 am on thursday.
it tore the family to pieces..it hurt mom and papa the
worst. now that is out of the way...i have another small
issue. well its not that small since it has been troubling
me for a while. i am so unsure about guys latley because i
like steven a little but there is this other guy that like
me but i dont. then there is him i still and always like
him but i know he doesnt but thats ok to me beacuse i know
hes not mr. right. hes just a real good friend *2 thumbs
up* and has been there for me. i am real glad i have met
him. during spring break he said he considers me as a
sister ^_^ yay..grr my head hurts with all these stupid un
sure feelings and unsolved problems..i feel some what
better that i have got this off my chest. well i am gonna
go play a game now so i will type soon. buh bye

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