Autum's Leaves
2005-04-11 01:42:48 (UTC)

Chrome and Fuzzy Contacts

"We're such losers, but we're so cool!"

Today was a multicultural day. After getting up way too
fucking early, my Mom, her boyfriend and I drove down to
the Lowes Motor Speedway to see this huge Car Show. It was
sick. There were a lot of cars, but there were a lot of
people who had already left since this was the last day of
the show. It was still awesome. There was a Supra that
looked alright, but I fell in love with this sweet little
Opel convertible, a Nissan Z and there was a gorgeous gray
Shelby. Ugh...*drools* Oh how I hate I drive a Buick

My contacts are fucking up on me. They're all fuzzy and
that bothers me. Yeah, that's all I have to say about that.

So, I went deep into the South, was surrounded by
rednecks all this morning, and now I'm listening to

Hell yeah.

I'm such a loser dude. I absolutely adore this kid...I
think I'm going to call him the Kid. Yeah. I've been
thinking about him all week, in fact I think all of my
friends are sick of hearing me talk about him. It's "then
the Kid and I did this.." and "then we talked about
this.." and "the Kid is SO adorable." He is SO adorable.

*sigh* In a few days, I'll have someone new to say all
this stuff about. Hopefully not, but probably.

"I like the way you move..."

The Bahamas trip is mos. def. probably going to happen.
HELL YEA! I'm so excited. Asked DramaQueen if she wanted
to go to, because I'd rather bring her than Little Miss
Hook Up. The figuring works in MY head at least. I have to
talk to the others about what I've done. Hopefully there
won't be reprecussions, especially since the four of us
might have to share a room with two beds...

This could get sticky.

"Bowtie around my neck, that's why they call me the
Gangsta Mac, in the Cadillac."

Yay, Aloe to help with my horribly awful sunburn.