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2005-04-11 01:11:18 (UTC)

old stuff

bleh. i'm still grounded. nothing to do. i was cleaning my
room but then i found a box of old pics of me and mike when
we were together and a TON of memories were came flooding
back into my head. some good and some really bad. i
remember how sweet he was when we first started dating and
how happy i was. after that, i remembered how greedy he was-
with everything. i'm not gonna say what he was greedy with
but he was with alot of things. so why do i still hang out
with him? i really don't know why. even though i still have
feelings for him, i don't think i ever loved him. he was my
first and that's all. and then there was this one time, i
was at his house and he told me he loved me. then he asked
if i loved him back and it was just really silent and there
was NO way i could change the subject. i just sorta nodded
and mumbled, making it sound really vague, yeah. it was
weird. i remember the day after that he didnt call me and i
didnt call him. we were just weirded out, i guess. i dont
even know why i'm talking about him right now. argh!!! well
i think its helping me fall out of liking him again. note i
said liking and not love, because i was never in love. or
so i think. gosh, im confused.

anyway...maxie pad came over today (aka: max. my 18 year
old brother whos about to turn 19 next week or so) i still
havent gotten him a present. i dont know if i want to or if
it will really matter, whatever i get him wont be good
anyways, whatever i get him, he could just probably get
himself. so what me, em, sarah, and brian are doing is to
just pitch in and get him something really expensive. hm.
oh well, yeah, he came over today with his friend, scott i
think it was. i didnt know this. so stupid idiotic me came
downstairs, looking really stupid in a robe and blue boy
shorts with pink ostriches on them. gawd, i shall throw
those things out soon. yep, i looked like a retard. thats
all folks.

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