beautifuly broken
2005-04-11 00:57:13 (UTC)

losing everything

what do u have to loose? EVERYTHING!! think about
it...[b][r][a][n][d][o][n] my anti drug....hes the one who gives reason to
my life and the one i want 2 spend forever wit....i love him....and he
loves mi...n he juss said the stupidest thing ive ever heard...omg
now he says hes jp...i swear he cant play wit mi lyk dat...all the
blood rushed from my face and fell into the bottom of my tummy...i
felt so hurt and unloved 4 just about 5 seconds but it was way
more then enough i was scared and alone 4 those seconds...wow
well at least this gives mi sumthing 2 talk about....4 those few
seconds i felt alone i felt like i lost more then the world i lost
everything i lived for and yet more then that....but i love him and he
reasures mi that he loves mi...i hope to god no gurl takes my
place...if she would....i wouldnt know what to do....n e ways thats all
4 now...xoxo cherri