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2005-04-10 20:12:52 (UTC)


av had a pretty good week so far sayed at my sisters couple
of night was good..em worked, got a job in the green room
its good :) went to karens party..well gathering it was a
top laugh cept was soo tired thena fell asleep then they
couldnt wake me up and malcom had to lift me up to my bed
then the next day my mum came fru n picked me n krsten up
to go to work that was also pure funny last night went to
sarah kerrs 17th party but my throat was well sore all
night got a manzil twas good then kirsten mum
called me a drunk bum.
av not made food all this wekk av been getin manzils and
chineses everyday! and av stayed at my house like 2
nights a went to pizza hut it was real good then a
went to kirsten n slept then went out with sarah n jade for
a while.

my gdads still in hospital ...again,hes been in for like
over a week its not fair at all :(

yea well am off

Bye x