shifting mists
2005-04-10 19:17:35 (UTC)

i want ...


I want a house. A house with a medium sized front yard
with a nice big tree in the center and a great big back
yard where I can have a garden full of herbs and flowers.
I want flowerbeds around the house full of bulbs that
bloom from early spring to late fall and ceramic pots of
annuals on the steps going up to the front and back
porches. A small tool shed and the smell of evergreens and
moisture in the air when you step outside.

I want spacious rooms with lots of windows... a big bedroom
with lots of closet space... a medium sized kitchen with
lots of cubbard and counterspace, a deep sink and a
dishwasher that works... a dining area for a big kitchen
table. A laundry room with washer and dryer. A guest room
and a basement with a freezer. I want a room I can line
with shelves of books and put a desk in the middle of and
another with wood floors and a big work table, a Lockerbie
kick wheel and a kiln, utility sink, easels, a pressure
tank and unit for sand blasting glass and filled with art

I want to be able to walk outside without having to be
worried about if people are looking at me through some
fence or their own kitchen windows.


I should title this entry "The Things I Long For the
Most.... That I Can Never Have".