rantings from a broken heart
2005-04-10 18:50:55 (UTC)

long time

Hey, have not written in a while...Still the same. dont
really know how im doing feeling depressed to
my ex daily now, he seems to miss me alot, dont know if i
love hime want to be with him or just need him; it would be
so easy to just go back and i dont think that in the long
run thats what i really want but i just dont know, i know i
deserve better but dont think i will find it; he is perfect
to me and no one else seems to fill the void but him; trust
me i have tried and no one makes me feel like he does...i m
so lost...financially i am in a shitty situation as
well...not sure what to do at this point; sometimes i just
want to die maybe id feel better then but oh well

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