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2005-04-10 15:42:26 (UTC)

muscle mania

last night was a-freaking-mazing!

marshall came over yester day with a new haircut.... : / and wearing a
muscle shirt he claimed that he doesnt have any clean ones...so he
borrowed my HUGE polo states shirt....which he still has....

so i kept his griffins tennis muscle shirt....which i am wearing now.....

i hun gout with elena till marsh came..them me n him watched finding
nemo...twice....and good things happened....

last night i was SUPPOSED to sneak out with him....but i fell asleep
before he called...and my dad took my cell last night....and my mom was
up from 2 -4 last night...so even if i hadnt fallen asleep i dont think it
wud have worked out....

it was fun waking up to find a new voicemail and 15 m issed calls on my

well i hav e to go to church...and get 2 cameras and my charger back
from marshall....

::it may be the whisky talking bu tthe whisky says i miss you
every day::

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