YK's Feeling Trips
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2005-04-10 14:19:57 (UTC)

Glasses WANTED!!

Yesterday I went to barbecue with my friends.We have fun in
the beach next to the barbecue place.

After that,we decided to clean up ourself.But.....after we
wash the sand away,I forgot to bring my glasses back.
When I found that my glasses have left in the washroom ,it
was tooooooo late.

My glasses has disappear!!!!
I just bought it few weeks ago....~
silly silly silly silly!!!!!!!
stupid stupid stupid stupid YIKI!!!!!!!!

May be.....it's just a chance for me to change a new
glasses again^.^
Or it's just some stupids take the wrong glasses.
oh.......my dear glasses......where are you????
Come back~~~~~~~/.

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