' Bloop '.
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2005-04-10 12:44:31 (UTC)


I think I update this too much now, I think I don't care.

Heh heh, me and Miss Nicola went to Granty's (Yeah, I
don't know him either) house party last night. :D I've
never spoken to this kid before in my life. I was in the
bathroom on the phone and he came in and was literally
like, "Who are you?". Twas proper ace.

Granty/Jenny were sick, a lot. And the fuse blew and the
whole house was in darkness, then Granty wouldn't let
anyone fix it. Example:

"I'll do it!"
"You only have to switch it back on!"

At first it was funny, it was a little funny but towards
the end it was just like... wheres the lights?
Hmmm. I also kissed everyone and told them I "proper loved
them." Then I text half my phonebook telling them I proper
loved THEM too.
This girl knew me, and I didn't have a fucking clue who
she was. Seriously, she came upto me like "OH-EM-GEE! It's
Charlotte! How've you been? You're great!" and hugging me.
I'm still not sure who she is.

But yah. Me Nic and Sean were dancing. Then me Nic, Sean
and Pingu had an in-depth chat. We were bonding, oh it was
so precious.
Got back to Nicola's. Made popcorn. Spilt it. Watched
South Park. Laughed. Died.

Amen xxx