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2005-04-10 09:36:33 (UTC)


"If you've been hiding from love I can understand where
you're coming from. If you've suffered enough I can
understand what you're thinking of. I can see the pain that
you're frightened of and I'm only here to bring you free
love. Let's make it clear that this is free love. No hidden
catch, no strings attached. Just free love."
- Dave Gohan of Depeche Mode
"Free Love" from the albulm EXCITER

As you can tell, I've been listening to a lot of music
lately. It helps keep me centered, you know, focusedon the
big picture of what I need to do and keeps me from worrying
about thinks happening in my near future. It also helps
remind me that, deep down inside, I'm a good person and no
matter how shitty some people treat me because I'm an
underdog, I'm gonna beat 'em because I am a good person and
I am, honestly, out there in the world trying to do whatever
little bit I can to make a difference in the world. I like a
lot of rock music, if you haven't guessed already. Offspring
is my FAVORITE band of all time because, no matter how many
times I listen to an album, say for example SMASH, I will
hear something new in a song I didn't hear before or like a
sonbg that I thought sucked the first time around. And also
I like the fact that there progressive: they get better with
each album, so if somebody asks me which Offspring albulm I
like the best, it's hard to answer because they're all
good.I do have a favorite song of there, two actually
because I like them equally: "WANT YOU BAD" from Conspiracy
Music is also plays a big part in my stories. Speaking
of stories,I finally got the first 10 pages of the draft for
the sotry I've been working on for a year (this version, at
least,it's existinged in other forms before the current
one). I know, a year sounds like a long time to be
pre-writing, but this is gonna be something big when I'm
done with it. It's kinda my homage to super hero
movies, brought on mostly by my appretiation for the X-MEN
movies. It has the same basic plot line (a group of
teenagers with special powers try and save the world while
also trying to find their place in it since the world
doesn'taccept them for being different), but mines a step up
because my characters are more fully developed: they each
have their own little problems (like in LOST with the
parallel story line technigue) which expalins how they got
the way they did with their powers. And,more importantly, my
hero is actually a female, whichI felt was the right choice
to make since Hollywood has yet to make a succesful comic
book movie with a chick who kicks ass (at least in the
Marvel department, you ELEKTRA haters, I have no opinion yet
on Wonder Woman because it ain'tout yet). Anywho, it's a
bad-ass story, I like my techinque I used with the charcters
and their stories, and I feel it's gonna be the start of
something bigger in Hollywood when its finished and I'm
ready to make my fortune off of it.

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