K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
2005-04-10 08:20:29 (UTC)

Back in effect Mutha Fucka

So Now I've regained my internet access, via wireless pci
card that I picked up. The only thing that I keep thinkin
is why didn't I think of that sooner rather than payin
Yahoo DSL 50 dollars, for lousy service. I can just snag
the best connection within reach and share it, unbeknownst
to anyone.
I'm sorry my inner geek took over for a second there,
nothin spectacular happened today. I saw my ex and his
buddy strollin downtown with two fat chicks, and not
surprisingly we didn't speak as we passed. I don't think
it was out of hate for one another, because I certaintly
don't hate him. I was on my lunch break running errands,
had little time to spare to chat, and more than anything I
didn't want things to be awkward. I'm to a point now that
I just want him to be happy whatever that maybe. I've
moved on in most ways. I haven't had a boyfriend since him
and it's been nearly a year next month. So all of my
memories, good and bad, are of him or things that we did
together. I'm rarely sad when I think of him, and I'm over
wanting him back. SO when I saw him today and felt nothing
in terms of happiness or sadness, i was relieved that
whatever feelings I had for him seem to have faded away.
At one point I never thought they would, I thought I was
going to ache forever without him, but I guess time does
heal wounds.cool.
Which brings me to an interestin thought. Recently I met a
guy that I wanted BAD.He sent me all the right signals,
but somehow in the end I still wound up getting played.
I'm so not used to guys not responding to me. So when he
says that he's gonna call me but never does I chalk it up
to a loss, but it still frustrates the fuck out of me,
simply because I thought I was on to somethin. Perhaps I
was too young? He was 27, But he was sooo fine! I didn't
want any kinda commitment or anything just wanted to ride
him a little. Maybe he's playin hard to get, little does
he know...I chase after no one. It still bothers me
though. OH WELL.
What else is goin on? not a damn thing, work work work.
I'm stupid tired and I'm goin to sleep.LATER.

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