Torrance the Vamp

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2005-04-10 03:28:33 (UTC)

Tomorrow is my birthday!!

Tomorrow my dears. Just so happens to be the 100th day of
the year. It also happens to be April 10. IT also happens
to be my birthday. I shoud wake up at 6:18 and say that I
am now officially 15. That will annoy everyone.

Of course both Sarah and Rachel won't be here in the
lovely state of washington because they are going on
vacation. My birthday always is in the worst spot. Either
too close to easter or spring break. I have decided I am
not gonna do anything for my birthday. Just because I
don't feel like it. But I do wanna have oysters tomorrow.
I love Seafood.

I have done no hw. I also have not practiced my Baritone.
Bad Laura shame oh the shame. Lame. LOL

Sope... I really have nothing to say. I had to wash (which
really means transfer the dishes from the sink to the
washing machine) the dishes today. Icky and there were a
lot of them too. OH and mother has assigned me thursdays
as my day to make dinner. I can't cook!!!!!

Thought of the Day:

Uhh... I want it to be sunny on my birthday. It hardly
ever is. It always rains. I never knew that it was the
hundredth day of the year.