This is My Life
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2005-04-10 02:08:58 (UTC)

09 April 2005

I almost fogot about this thing. Well, update.
Adrian and I are still going out, it's been a month. I
hope to stay with her forever. In fact, I already made
plans to talk with the new prinicple at our school to see
if I can propose to her at Senior Prom. I have to ask
because I don't want to get everyone too excited, there
could be a fight or something.

I love her so much. Never in my life have I ever
loved somebody this much that I wanted to spend the rest of
my life with them. Yeah, I have dated over 50 different
girls in my life but I never had this feeling with any of
them. This is definitely a new and awesome feeling. I
talked with my mom about it and I she approves. Her and
Adrian get along. They actually like each other. That has
never happened to me before. Usually my parents don't like
my girlfriends.

Not having my license back sucks. Now I'm not going
to get it back until June. I can't stand not being able to
go places on my own. It gets so irritating. Well, I have
some stuff to take care of so I'm gonna go. Peace. Oh,
and this exact entry is in my other diary too.

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