The Life of a Military Wife
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2005-04-10 01:40:25 (UTC)

4/9/05, Day 44 of him being gone, Day 37 of him being in Iraq

Guess I better write some on my diary since Margo
constantly asks me if I have written on here lately! LOL

WOW..he's been gone for over a month and a half
now...sometimes it seems like its been forever that he's
been gone and then sometimes it seems like he just left
yesterday. Unfortunately I still have about 12 1/2 more
months to go. UGHHH!!! And as I have said earlier...I
still feel like I am in the horrible dream, and I yet to
wake up!

But I have been keeping pretty busy lately. I get the
girls off to school in the mornings, then I pick up around
the house, get online and talk to my honey for about 30
minutes to an hour, then I get ready, go meet Em for
lunch, go run errands (if I have any) and then I come home
and wait for the girls to get home from school. By the
time I know it, it's supper, shower and bedtime for the
girls and then I sit here at the computer, write my baby
an email saying g'nite and then I get me some rest. I am
able to sleep now so that's good. When he first left, I
couldn't sleep for nothing. It was horrible.

We drove to New Mexico (which took ALL damn day) last
weekend to go pick up our new baby girl, Mystik. She's a
full-blooded AKC, CKC registered Siberian Husky and she's
so pretty. But man is she rotten. Her and our german
shepherd are getting along soooo good so I'm really glad
of that and the girls just absolutely love her.

Well, my ex is in town right now and he just came over to
get the girls for the night. I talked to him today and he
said he is actually going back home for another job this
coming week so, so much for him having the girls close for
the summer. But that means my folks are gonna come up and
visit me for a little while before they take the girls
back home with them so that's kewl. It's always nice to
have company come visit us! :o)

OMG...what am I gonna do all night tonight with just me
and the puppy dogs at home? I can't go shopping since we
are fixing to get a major blizzard hit town tonight so
that's out...there is nothing good that comes on t.v. on
Saturday nights so that's out. Guess I will just have to
work on the company newsletter to get that started for
next month.

I still haven't found a job in this damn town but I'm
still trying. I just don't get can an employer
discriminate against a potential employee only because
they are a military spouse? I just hate that shit! I
HATE IT!!! I am beginning to wonder if I will get another
damn job by the time my honey even gets home from this
deployment next year. I am really beginning to wonder.

My pop-in-law and my honey's best friend pulled our motor
out of the race car to get it refreshed and ready. I CAN
NOT WAIT! I am about 95% sure I am going to Dallas for
4th of July weekend to go to the races and go to watch
Marty hot lap the car. My honey really hopes that Marty
would run it for the big race but he keeps saying he
isn't. He says he doesn't want to run ours, that he has
his own! LOL So how knows, but at least he will hot lap
it for us and check it all out and make sure it's good to
go for our R & R mid-tour so we can go racing!!!

Oh well...I am gonna jump off of here for now and grab me
some supper and go check on this nasty blizzard that is
fixing to hit town. They say approx. 6-12" tonight.
Heaven help me! LOL

Lovin' My Soldier!

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