Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-04-10 01:30:32 (UTC)

Fall apart **song**

*Slip away from the life you’ve known
And you will see what it feels like
*To see how your children have grown
Not growing in front of your eyes

*I beg you to stay
You beg to differ
*Now you’ve gone away
You never did listen

*Days gone by so long
And I feel as if I am alone
*I knew it all along
The signs have surely shown

*Slip away from the cruel old world
No one to criticize
*Just to bring it all down again
With the life you hide

*Have a thought as you clear your mind
Leaving everything to turn to dust
*Leaving all that you’ve ever known behind
Setting it out as you watch it rust

*With the pain near the end
With all the dust that lasts
*You cover up in pride
As you wear your hiding mask

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