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2005-04-10 00:35:36 (UTC)

SILENT motherfucking AGGRESSION!!!

Holy shit!! I went to the c.d. release party for Silent
Aggression and they fucking rocked out!! Let's see,
Twisted Motive and Doc Hollywood opened for them and I've
got to give them their proper respects because they are so
damn good!! I gave myself a headache from headbanging so
much! I LOVED all of it, every damn minute! It was
totally worth my 10 bucks!! I would do it again a thousand
times. I love Matt Moser and Phil Stone... and all the
other guys, but I want Matt and you know...
Thank you to Matt Thornton for signing my shirt, since TM
don't have a c.d. out yet, and thanxxx to all the dudes of
SA for signing my c.d. For anyone wondering, SA and TM
are two groups who are made up of guys ranging in age from
I'd say 17 to 21 or 22.... they are so damn awesome that
it just don't make any sense at all!! SA is made of Ian
Hollingsworth on vox, guitars, and keys; Kyle Melton on
guitar and vox; Brandon Kennedy on bass; Matt "sexy ass"
Moser on drums; and Phil "sexy boy" Stone on samples, vox,
turntables, and beats. I'm not sure of all the dudes in
TM. I know there's Matt Thornton-bass, Keven Holdston-
vox, Travis Melton-drums, Caswell-guitar, and I think
that's it.... i'm pretty sure, but i don't want to make
any promises and hurt someone's feelings for leaving them
out... i don't know what the dudes from Doc Hollywood's
name is, but they are just as great and they need/command
major respect!! I can't wait to see SA and TM again, i
don't know if i'll get to see DH again, cuz they are from
Fayetteville... so, i don't know how soon that will
happen... but i can't wait either way!! well, that's all
for now, and if Toy reads this, sorry about that Eric cat,
it's all good... no worries.... it'll all work out
sometime. well, i'ma go for now, cuz i'm missin
PBR...which sounds stupid being that right now I'm
listenin to SILENT motherfucking AGGRESSION, but, yeah, i
like some redneck stuff bullriding and nascar,
so yea.... well i'm out....
1 life, much love, xoxo

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