Autum's Leaves
2005-04-09 23:54:59 (UTC)


*burp* It happens.

Sitting here enjoying a wonderful Corona after enjoying
a super-spasmodically awesome day yesterday.

Friday rolls around, saving my sanity. This Friday was
Open Mic Night, and it was the BEST one yet. The
auditorium was packed, we had a LOT of really great bands,
some very awesome new-comers...and the cutest guy ever sat
with me and talked to me the WHOLE time, minus when he had
to play bass for the sexiest band there. DL
sang "Beautiful" again. Uh...*boner* It's just the
sweetest song ever and he's gorgeous, although I'm more
attracted to their bass player. *smiles* I flirted the
whole night, or at least what I thought was flirting. He
might have a girlfriend, but...I'm just not going to let
myself think about that. I don't want to be sad about what
an awesome time we had together. We're supposed to go out
four-wheeling sometime since there's a trail behind my
house, and we're going to watch "Anchorman" since he
hasn't seen it and that makes him a loser. Haha.

So, after I hung out with the cutest guy ever for
like...three hours straight in a small, dark, cramped, hot
room (Oh, how I love the sound of that) I went to go buy
two dollars worth of gas since I didn't have to pay to get
into OMN. And lo and behold, I see DT there. DT man! I
haven't seen him in forever! And the strangest thing, he
looks great! We talk a little, he asks if I have a new man
(good sign), I say no, we talk a little, he says see ya
later(bad sign). *sigh* Oh if I only had big brass
balls...or a lot more Corona.

Today I get up early, go shopping, eat a slice or
Sbarro's pizza, come back up the mountain and drop CW off.
It was alright, I would have had more fun with LT, but she
was out partying her ass off last night. I ate some Ramen
noodles with tomatoes and mushrooms and a salad for
dinner, then we went out to the park and laid in the sun
till seven. I bought myself a Corona shirt and some Corona
flip-flops(the FF's are for LT's summer present, one of
them) and I bought myself some cool black and bright green
flip-flops. I love bright green.

So, I'm about to go take myself a shower and scrub my
nasty hair. LT and I are supposed to go out to Tiauna Fats
tonight since our friend is at the door. It should be fun
man. I'm excited. Maybe I'll gank one of my Mom's shirts
for tonight. It's getting kinda chilly to tell you the

Anyways, I'm out. Gonna go clean my body. Woo-hoo.