Saras Diary
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2005-04-09 23:51:22 (UTC)

My Life

So i am just going to look into the future and imagine
myself as what i want to be doing

My idea of the perfect life owuld be me living in a
penthouse apartment in a big city like NYC, LA or SEA. I
would also be working for a big fashion company in
sonmething like the advertising department because i dont
have any desing talent. lol. So money would not be a
problem for me. I also see myself as having a husband and
someday having kids...only two though. By the time i have
kids me and my husband will have saved up enough money to
move to a nice big hose in a really good suburban
nieghborhood where the commute to work isnt terrible. I
would also have to quit my job to take care of my children
until they were old enough to go to school and we had
enough money to send them to day-care for a little while
after school. This job wold only be part-time so that
when i came home i would still have energy to make dinner
and deal with the children. Doesnt that sound like the
perfect life? I think so!