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2005-04-09 20:48:03 (UTC)

dinner formal

Yesterday i was non-stop. Work sucked. I was so out of it.
I was exhausted. I came home and ate dinner...then nat came
over around 10. We drank. We had fun. We were coloring...
and calling random people. haha. we bought swisher sweets
and we smoked in my room cuz we are dumb asses. We made
noodles... and ate and then i think we went to bed. It was
fucked up though because this morn i looked at my phone and
it said that I had a missed call from Tim. And then i was
looking at my calling list and it said that i called him
like right after the missed call. fucked up is that
because i def. DO NOT remember. When i pass out... i dont
wake up for shit... so for me to hear the phone ringing and
wake up and call back. yeah i have no clue. So this morn me
and natalie woke up. We slept in my bed last night. we went
to Stella's. It was pretty good besides the fact that we
both felt like shit!! oh well. I came home and slept from
11-3. That was nice. I had to get up and take a shower
because i have a dinner formal to go to. I'm nervous though
because I don't want to be underdressed or overdressed. And
you can't really do anything in these situations to make
the matter any better you just kinda have to go with it. I
am wearing a pink dress... It's really plain. It's nice
though. i am wearing white shoes...and i have a white
shall.. So i dunno. Mike is picking me up at 5:30.

I dont know what i'm doing tonight. I will probably just
relax tonight. yeah but anyways... i have to go finish
getting ready now