My New Journey
2005-04-09 20:40:37 (UTC)

Today, Half Past Lousy

I woke up ok but when came here this morning to write down
my schedule & eatting menu for today, my computer froze
right after I finish typing and I lost all of my entry. I
have tried before writing down all my emotions and plans in
a table but it is just not the same as coming here to do it
and things never work out as well if I don't.

Been in the dumps laterly, summers almost here and I have
not lost the 40 pounds that I promised myself in January
that I would lose by now. I have only lost are 6 pounds.

I have been think a lot about freshguy since a friend told
me that he has been thinking about after he called me last
week. I even called him on Wednesday to wish him a happy
BD, for what I don't even know. We went through the same
old routine of him being very anxious at the start of the
conversation (fearing that I was going to ask him for more
$$ to help me out this month) when he relaxed about that,
we talked about it was the usual gab about his work. He
told me that he was had been thinking of me sexual but let
me know that he is having a great time dating where he is.

After that, to put the cherry on the top spaceguy call to
cancel a trip that we have been planning for months because
his incomes tax refund is going to be lower than he

Well that is all for today, I will either come back here
tonight or tomorrow to post my plans for Sunday.

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