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2005-04-09 16:09:40 (UTC)

Too Stressed

Omg, I cant beleive how bussy I've been. So much stuff's
been going on and so much homework and everything and I
finnally busted. By the way Shelbs, I'm sooooooooooooooooo
sry about the thing w/ the drumstick, its just been TOO
stress-full these past few weeks and everything. This
Friday I was supposed to play my recital peice and I
forgot COMPLETELY about it untill after school when my mom
reminded me about it, and I started completely flipping
out!!! Shelbs, you know how much homework we've been
getting, right? Well that leaves NO time for practicing! I
had'nt practced my recidal peice hardly at all that week!
I was trying to put the mess into order at the piano and
playing my peice awfully I knew I just couldn't do it. I
also had all this stress still bottled up inside too. I
started telling and sorta pleading w/ my mom, "I really
cant do it I'm seriously not ready." It wasn't untill I
was in tears in my room that she knew I really couldn't do
it. So...we started to go to the recidal because my sister
still had to play and I just was'nt going to play. But
then I decided I had to. But as I was practicing in
another room of the recital place I knew I jst couldn't do
it. Playing it like I hadn't practiced it in a week in
front of all those people? NO WAY! So I just quietly
wached as my sister played and my dad told my piano teacher
that I wouldn't be playing. By that point I felt sorta
embarresed adn weird, I mean I haven't ever skipped out on
somthing like that! I still feel weird about it, but y dad
called my piano teacher latter and she though it might
have been aomthing she did. (LOL I couldn't beleive that
either) Anyways, after my dad explained she said it was
fine and she totally understood. I'm glad and I still have
a busy weekend w/ u know who's b-day party :) :) :) :) :):)
And my uncles wedding! I'm jsut gald that's all over and
hopefully I wont get that stressed again soon.

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