Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
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2005-04-09 15:14:43 (UTC)

confused ....upset.....broken

I feel no use for this diary anymore, i feel no use for
anyting. Y cant i jsut fade away? I tried to last nite,
agen,..... i.. i couldnt do it, i couldnt take my life, i
wanted to so much, i reali reali wanted to, i felt like i
had to.
This morning i got a txt of brucey asking 'why are people
saying john was at your house last night' i told her that
he had come round for a chat, and she went mad. I dont
want to upset anymore people, im gona take my life again
very soon, but i want to leave peopleon a happy note
rather than i note that i was doing stupid stuff. But it
didnt feel stupid to me, i was and am in love with John
but i am not prepared to hurt Alex i aint gona... no way.
I reali like alex like mad,,... im gona try again wit him,
i want to.... i got to.
Its heavy on my heart, yes John you, your heavy on my
heart, everything i want to do is with you and no-one
else. It hurts so much i just wanna feel safe, i wanna
feel loved i wanna feel like im wanted, and i know i can
only get it off you and thats not right. John i got to say
this... nd im only gona say it once.
I Love You

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