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2005-04-09 05:10:34 (UTC)

sweet sixteen

04/04=my birthday....amazingly awesome..i am thankful..

15 things i did when i was 15

-recovered from surgery
-got a new (better) cell phone
-got first real kiss
-got dumped for the first time
-started grade 10
-started swimming regularly
-got my first legit spare
-started going to seylynn
-went to victoria
-made an xmas CD
-started buying AP
-got my red chucks
-got braces off and got a retainer
-went in first big concert mosh pit
-met nardwuar, dave (senses fail), gerard (mcr), ray
(mcr), bob(mcr), quinn (used)

more than that happened cuz it wuz a very eventful
year..but now im 16!!

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