Technically Speaking...
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2005-04-09 04:53:26 (UTC)


So I made the huge effort to get up by 10...I was in
dreamworld having some weird dreams that I don't remember,
anyways, I jump out of bed and excersized!!!! Went shopping
at 4, is great to shop when you feel skinny, or with the JLO the jr section, gotta enjoy life, there is only
1, but is so hard to enjoy it when you feel fat! So is
official, my best friend's hubby is a closet homo and she
has been unfaithful in a "justified" way, there's no
justified way for that!!! NO WAY!!! Heaven knows I warned
her but she did it, and what's worse,coldly planned for
it(hopefully didn't pay the motel), just to keep the
socially accepted "appearence",shouldn't live
life in sets of 30 mins. of pleasure, and I still remember
how happy she seemed, until I opened my mouth to ask
the secret, SURPRISE!!! btw, I have this so called party
which is nothing but a beer gathering, my nails
are terrible, my hair is in one of its ugliest...My mom told
me yesterday she was happy with my gesture with Pam, and
thought I was being mistreated for not calling home, I still
remember how she said I called too much, well??? and that
B's bday is coming, hello! I'm not working right now, let
the bank relax for a while...and yeah!!!! we are going to
paradise while she's ready to POP!!! better watch out next
time, if the pills are no good then use the ring, since
he'll never wear it anyways, no matter how many times you

So this was almost the perfect day, perfect example of what
I should do. With this luck, maybe I'll start buying lotto,
my MIL will ask, did they call you back??? Uhoh,
gotta go, I'm the baby here so I'm being pampered...She'll
get it, we are a lost case thanx to her son.

The music from F also got me in high spirits, what an
excellent CD, let's see, Mr. Deviant made me too cranky and
Robbie is not what I thought.

So tomorrow I continue focused on being the most beautiful
girl on the benches this summer, A, I made you this
promise, thanx for watching over me cause that car is way
unbalanced, and the brakes are scary!!!still gotta raid the