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2005-04-09 04:51:07 (UTC)

Joe and I have the most intresting convos

Joe is one of my old managers incase you are wondering.
He is like my big brother. He is there me when I need him
and vice versa. We talked about girl shit today. He
knows I like Gina. And he was like dude just ask her. I
mean your hearts been broken some many times it can't be
that bad. Whats the worse she could say no. Shes a nice

Shes not just nice, shes beautifal, I would probably treat
like a queen if I could get it to work out. I like her, I
don't know her to well. So I can't say I love her. I
like her and I want to get to know her. I'm gonna ask if
she wants to grab a bite to eat Wenseday night when she
gets out or if she wants to do something durning the
weekend. This girl is beautifal. I cannot even describe

Pretty blue eyes, the curves, the cute lil belly thing
going. Mmmm. Lol. But shes also got a great
personality. And she seems to have quite the wild streak
in her. Shes a partier. She won second place in a wet t-
shirt contest, and was offered to be on girls gone
wild. :P

Well I gotta work at 7 so I'm gonna go get me some 5 hours
of sleep. Later.


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