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2005-04-09 04:22:12 (UTC)

It's too much..

Hey~ why you can ask me "how's your boyfriend?" in other's
present even though they don't know our relationship? and
Why you always ask girls/women have boyfriends or not..? Do
you wanna fuck those people..? Damn! Every time when I
think about you have sex with others, I only feel sick..
want to throw up! But something I really want to know...
why you can say the same I want to say... why you can tell
me "when I think about you and your ex-bf having sex.. I
feel sick... I know I shouldn't do that.. But I can help.."
haha... I didn't say anything at that time.. I wonder why
you can say like that. Don't cheat me.. I won't believe
that, haha..

But there is at least one thing I can promise you.. it is..
I won't be fucking around like you do... I just know if
there is something I don't want other do that to me..then I
won't do to others.. I won't force you to change your
mind.. because I also don't want other force me to do sth.
If you really want to change.. want to stop fucking
around... then you will do it by yourself... no need me to
talk about that so much... What the fuck!