2005-04-09 03:35:44 (UTC)

angel wings

so i went out last night and had a pretty fun time i ran
into some people i know so i wasn't all by myself. but
its not the same without laura around for some reason i
always have a good time when shes by and even though i may
say i get mad and have to drink jack to calm me down its
just an excuse for me to have a jack and thats all i'm not
really mad, i can't get mad at someone i love that much.
i just got off the phone with her and hopefully she'll be
getting online soon. sometimes i call her just to say hi
and see how shes doing. i know i'm hopeless but what can
you do.

today i went golf and had a blast it was a great day. tom.
i'm cookign dinner and having some freinds over i'm trying
to convince laura to come up and enjoy some wine and dice
games:) i'd like to see her again since i haven't in like
2 weeks i'm deprieved up here. i'm hoping our trip to
cleveland is still on i haven't heard much the ball is in
the girls court on this one.

I've been thinking a lot about tattoos and can't wait to
get some more i got some ideas i want to do and want to
get them soon but i'll see. i know someone who doesn't
like tattoos so i don't want to get to many but we'll see.

other than that i don't know what else to say other than i
love Laura
hugs and kisses and bedtime wishes

this whole entry is dedicated to laura

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