Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
2005-04-09 01:10:16 (UTC)

AAHHH I hate this!!!

This whole thing with Trevor is driving me insane. The
whole not talking thing is hurting me more than him. He
started to ignore me. And I bet I am gonna be the one who
cracks first. And Cailtin who really isn't interested in
the whole thing, what his name was. And he didn't tell me
when I am the one who started the whole thing and now I
really wish that I hadn't. WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT PEOPLE'S
MIDDLE NAMES ANYWAY?????????? Obviously me because I am a
crazy psycho who has a crazy interest in the strangest
guys and then can't follow up on anything I do and then I
am not tough enough to take the blow when the tables turn.
I am tired of school I am tired of guys I am tired of
getting myself into trouble I am tired of my life. Thank
god that there is no school for a full 9 days. But by no
means does that mean that I don't have work to do. Oh no I
have work to do. I have to do some homework, thank god
that I don't have a lot and I have to master that stupid
baritone in less than 3 weeks. I can't do this......

Thought of the Day:

Everything is meant to make you stronger. But apparently
the person who is in charge of giving you this stuff makes
mistakes sometimes and gives you too much. He ends up
drowning you and destroying you. But then again. Does he
care? There are only about another 7 billion people on
this planet.

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