beautifuly broken
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2005-04-08 21:13:58 (UTC)

childhood dreams

As the years have gone by,
my childhood dreams have faded away.
I don’t dream as much anymore,
because I know reality.
I know that relationships aren’t perfect,
and I know that rainbows don’t have gold.
I know that no one lives forever,
and that wishes don’t come true.
Birthday candles and stars,
don’t make your wishes come true.
Its only when you make the effort,
that your wishes can really come true.
Nothing just magically happens,
you have to make it happen for yourself.
You can’t just wait around,
and hope that your dreams will become reality.
I know that Santa isn’t real now,
and neither is the Easter Bunny.
Those are childhood fantasies,
that are never real.
It doesn’t matter who dresses up,
as these fantasies,
they’ll never be reality.
My childhood fantasies are gone now.
They’ll be gone forever.
They can never come back,
because I’m growing up now.
But I’ll always remember,
all of those childhood fantasies.