If Only....
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2005-04-08 20:04:48 (UTC)

Let the rabbits wear glasses...

3:57 PM

I am at a war- I feel it approaching me as though I am
hiding in a ditch and the steady rhythm of the march walks
towards me. I am shivering, yet I remain to be at my
normal temperature. My stomach is churning and I hate that
I feel so weak at the moment I am in. Temptation is every
where. It seeps in and covers the usual scent that lingers
in this room. Half of this is my fault, but I refuse to
give in. I will go down fighting before I surrender.
Sunday will be the day that saves me. Two men will be
waiting as I cross the finish line, not to mention my
Faith will be completely restored. There is more at stake
than my faith... My Promise. I have an agreement to follow
through with, so I will keep my head held high. Your mind
is stronger than this Chantal, Remember what you have been
through. This is merely a TEST.
I will return when I am not focused... When I can see more

This is Necessary....
Life feeds on life feeds on
life feeds on life feeds on.....

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