Helpless mosochistic love
2005-04-08 19:53:53 (UTC)

Lockes poem

the snow colored sunlight is bleeding
i cant believe that im still breathing
i want to know if you feel like i do
light on the wall fading out snow colored hue
we're falling out falling in
all the words we said come to this end

and i cant say those words when youre talking
and like the paint on the wall im just cracking
and if you touch me right now i think i'll die
and why even talk if its all lies

you can take the fuckin knife off my cheek
why even come over when all you wanted was to leave
and that sun going down is the last one i'll see
i can see it through you, through the walls, and through a
thousand trees
your tongue across my neck. your cat on the bed just
in its eyes the wild screams of the dead and soulless

and your mothers ramming on the bedroom door
fathers got the gun, sister counts to six sixty four
we're so wrong so right
life ends by death day ends by night
hahaaha did you know there was a spider web under your bed?
thats nothing! the light switch has no bottom screw!
and shes smiling at me and im laughing
my head hits wood, moms still on other side bashing

the tip of a punch center of my back
the snow colored sun left trees burned black
last word she whispers is my name
i whisper to her that she is to blame
last thing she sees is my face
i see hers too its starting to fade
like the words we said like the tears we cried
day ends by death life ends by night

Written by locke.

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