if you only knew
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2005-04-08 19:06:16 (UTC)

The Question

I have a question for you.

Have you ever been in love?

Really in love... deep down in your soul?

I think, at 60, after praying for it (watch out what you
for), I finally got it. I just don't think the good Lord
me correctly.

I have always wanted it to be a good, forever, two-way
relationship. I discovered the pain; humbling, at best.

But, I do believe I have figured it out, what it means,
what it
is, why ONE, only human person, on all of this earth, with
their faults, can mean the world to one person.

If you find it (love), it is the conduit to God. Human
are not capable of that kind of love. When that connection
occurs, it is the portal to God and the universe. Only with
that one person do you have the opening to feel God.

For God is love.

It is devastating to not have access to the door.

That is what "I" have learned.

They say (whoever "they" are) that if you missed a lesson in
Chapters 1 or 2, it will catch up with you in Chapter 28 or
or even at 60!