Autum's Leaves
2005-04-08 18:37:36 (UTC)

Arg, me matey's.

Yay for Pirates. I've been re-watching Pirates of the
Caribbean, just because you go through those phases. You
love it, you hate it, you love it, you hate it. It's
almost that way with everything now that I think about it.

Today is going to be crazy. I'm supposed to go to our
senior art show, but I'm not sure if I will or not. It
starts at five and goes to seven thirty. Then, OMN
tonight! (wha-bam) Starts at seven thirty and goes through
ten thirty. My hyper-adorbale Soph. isn't going to be
there...damn. Curse and I talked about him. He would be
datable, if he wasn't so damn hyper. My uber-adorable-
teddybear Soph. WILL be playing tonight. I've talked to
him so much today. He's just so cute...*creams*

I can't help it. *sniffle* Oh to be me.

So, lots of weird stuff went on yesterday, and this
whole week...come to think of it, life has sucked balls

My ex got carjacked the other day. He was driving some
guy down the mountain, the guy SMOKED CRACK in his car and
then pulled a gun on him. He was so scared. I felt really
bad for him. He's going to some camp this weekend, a
family thing, to calm him down I guess. He got his car
back though. The guy stole his NorthFace jacket, fourty
bucks in cash, his windows don't work anymore and he
dosen't want to look at what else is missing. I gave him a
hug and told him I was happy he was still alive.

Lesson for the day: Don't give crack-heads rides.

The guy that said he was in love with me the other day
apparently found some other girl to be infatuated with. I
cried and then realized I shouldn't. I'm such a loser!
*slaps forehead* It's really not a big deal. I mean, he's
somewhere else, I'm here and I'm infatuated with two
Soph....and Mr. Perfect, but he's so perfect it's hard to
be infatuated with him. As the story goes, I was planning
to say goodbye, peace out, enjoy your life and he dosen't
exactly like this. *shrugs* So, now I'm kind of caught. I
don't know what to do. There's this guy who won't say
goodbye to me and I just want to move on. According to
Cosmo, I suck at breaking up with people. Damn my
inability to be like the chicks in Cosmo!

I think I might be heading out to Duke tomorrow. I'm
not sure though. I have to talk to Curse and see what she
thinks. Yes, and we'll see what fate has in store, No, and
we'll go shopping in stores. I think either way, it'll
work out.

Sunday I'm going to a car show...*boner* Oh yes, I said
car show. The biggest car show in the South East, with
over four thousand cars for me to drool over. AND the last
weekend in April, aka the first day of May, I'm going to
the drag strip! Hell yeah. Please, don't think I'm a
redneck. I just have this thing for Oh yeah.

Anyways, *looks out window* I hate that it's raining.
Regardless, I LOVE that it's the weekend and that things
are finally going to slow down a little and I don't have
to go to school and this is just one more week closer to
getting out forever. Oh, I have never been so happy...

Yes, so, no time to make this even longer than it already
is. Damn my rambling. Damn me saying "Damn my something"
so much. Damn.

Mmm...orbit gum...