If Only....
2005-04-08 18:35:26 (UTC)

Sometimes I think this cycle never ends...


Yeah, The end of the week is here.
I attended counseling last night and had a quite amazing
session. So did Tyler, If I can speak for him.
Things are doing good and I am excited about where my life
is taking me. I do have to voice some concern for another
individual that I have gotten to somewhat know through her
diary. KinkyKitten, I feel bad for her and I guess the
thing is I can not help anyone in this battle of addiction
as much as I would love to save her...It is completely up
to her. That is all I will say about that right now,
otherwise I might just go off rambling about my past
experience...and that is the last thing I need right now.
I am doing great today with my miracle- with my faith. I
am sticking to the exact promise I said I would make...I
am not swaying- Sunday will come and I will raise up my
sanctuary I have destroyed. I will explain more in detail
some time after then. Oh, I have some responsibilites to
take care of and I should get on that pretty soon. I am
going to keep this short, because I will probably be back
on here in no time. Take care of yourself, Chantal...This
temple is just a rental.***reminder***

We slide from top to bottom,
Then we turn and climb again....

And it seems by the time that
I have figured what it's worth....

The squeeking of our skin
against the steel has gotten

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