2005-04-08 18:34:20 (UTC)

peanut butter

I have the biggest obsession with peanut butter lately. My
peanut butter phase. I like eating it with banana's...for
breakfast. It's good!! Last night I was really stressed...
So i cleaned and re-arranged my room. Not really i just
kinda moved my bed lol. It's good for a change though. It
feels good. So i planned on getting up at 5:15 to do my
hair and take a shower... but my mom was in the shower so i
fell asleep. I got up at 6 and got in the shower. We left
later today. It was nice though cuz i wasnt as early to
school! Today was kind of a long day. oh well. Study hall
wasnt too bad. I attempted to work on my math...but yeah
that didn't work. Physics went by fast as usual. Gym wasnt
too bad today cuz i talked to claudia the whole time. I'm
doing life fitness. economics was long but wasnt boring
today. I dunno why lol but my teacher just kept my
attention today. Unusual I know! I have to work tonight 4-8
and i am dreading it. Oh well I guess I need the money. but
anyways... i need to go and get some shit done before i go
to work.