Mind of a Wierdo
2005-04-08 18:10:42 (UTC)

Another Update

Wow. I find myself here again. I always like to go back and read
what I wrote. Makes me feel kind of old having to look back and
see the things I wrote and the things I did. Then again i shouldn't
say old because i am still young. Anyway. it is april of 2005. in
about a month or so i will be another year older. wooohooo. Here
is something everyone likes to hear. Chris and I broke up. Yea. We
actually broke up on the day of our four year anniversary. Well he
was in the military sent to Japan and well lets just say he went to a
massage parlor and got a whole hell of a lot more then a fucking
massage. well he got a fucking and a massage. Isn't that lovely.
yea. well hmmmm... how do i put this, i didnt get as mad as i
thought i would and i guess that is because i figured it would
happen. The reason for the break up is because i had asked him
that if he had the opportunity to do it again would he. He
answered. "I don't know probably. " Now anyone in a relationship
who asked their 'significant other' this question would hope to get a
'no' i get .... 'i don't know probably' . and you woulld figure that i
would get mad right ... well i was more happy that he told the truth i
mean after all he has lied to me soooo many times. who knows
why he did it. who knows why he answered the way that he did.
but ..... i guess life goes on and i will return to write again later if not