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2005-04-08 17:31:41 (UTC)

Tha day has come

Well, whatever, i called over at Eric's house
yesterday, and when he answered i was like, " is Rhonda
there?" and he said her daad was there and she couldn't
talk, but that yesterday she had asked if she could go to
church and he said no ( yay, he actually delivered a
message to her from me for once ) and i asked if she was
goin g tonight and he said he didn't kno if she had asked
her dad yet, and i asked if he was going, and he said he
might or might be going down to Myrtle Beach ( which means
he might be going to visit Stephanie-cheerleader-bitch ) So
im gonna do myself a favor and force myself once again to
stop worrying about him. My horroscope must not have meant
to " reconcile that past relationship." well, either way im
gonna have fun anywayz, and try to find someone to replace
Eric. Ive got to find someone else who can replace Eric
like Ren once did, and was the only one to do it. i have
got to find another way to get over him or lest be stuck
again for months on end and i can't take that any more. But
like i said, i have a source providing me with a derkaset,
and another with some creek liquor, and im probably goin
home wid danielle tonight so if i do then i will write
about the party tonight. Its going to kik ass, i cannot
wait to wear my skirt and shoes ( thank you Amber white for
providing me with white nail polish!!!! and....stuff.....)
Note to anyone reading this that for future reference 9
unless your brittany) THAN I WOULD NOT DATE HIM BECAUSE HE
lock was on and im too lazy to go back over all that. But
still, Brittany, i am serious do not get sad about it,
first do not care, at all, and then one day soon, casually
and calmly embarrass tha fuck out of him in front of all
his friends, such as next time you are talkin to him, and i
kno him so i kno he would do this, and he tries to walk
away or say 'no brittany im dating you again' just say "
dont worry i dont want to. i dont wish that we were back
together, i dont wish that you wouldve been just a little
more mature than a 6 year old, and i dont wish that you
would have not about cheated on me with everyone and their
mama. What i do wish however, is that i wouldn't have
wasted all my time dating you, and only got a little effort
out of you in tha bed. i mean come on, you could have had a
little more....talent than that, make an effort next time
bitch" And you kno somethin else that annoys me, when
someone acts like they are so close to you or whatever, and
voluntarily tells you about everything going on with them,
and then when you comment on it they get pissed off. This
morning i was talkin to someone, and tha day before they
told how much they hated their ex-boyfriend and why. well,
today she was still pissed off about him, and we were
talking about it and all of sudden shes yellin out " Mind
your own business" and im yellin back like " you brought me
in it first"