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2005-04-08 16:02:37 (UTC)


yes! today is friday. so that means its only one more day
until saturday! i get to go get my new tattoo tomorrow. im
gonna get one on my neck. everyone thinks im stupid for
doin that. but thats just where i want one. i wantto get
mine in a spot that you dont see a whole lot of tattoos.
and even though more and more people are gettin them
there, not too many girls at the moment have a tattoo on
the SIDE of there neck. so. i dont know what im gonna get
yet. i first was thinkin about tinerbell, ya know, from
peter pan. but i dont know i mean thats a cute tattoo but
not for one on my neck lol. and then i thought about a
butterfly , but i already have a butterfly, i really dont
wanna have two tattoos of the same thing, even though they
will look totally different im sure. i dont know, i guess
i'll just have to wait until i get up there and look at
all the pictures and see what i like. its gonna hurt sooo
bad i already know. but im gonna love it! hehe. i dont
know why but i get a rush out of it. my last tattoo was on
top of my foot, and it hurt pretty bad, but i loved it. i
was so hyped up afterwards because i had a rush from the
pain. i mean dont get me wrong i dont go around runnin
over myself just to get a "rush" from the pain. but small
things like tattoos piercings, and other things. i dont
know its hard to explain, but thats just the way i am.