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2005-04-08 14:54:06 (UTC)

Day 22

music:the used taste of ink

jus bin 2 the pub 4 my mums b-day lunch was kl lol...las
nite was shite tho, i was cryin 4 ages cos i jus kept goin
over things in my head! an andy told me las nite that i
shud change my screen name (it was about wantin 2 b def)
cos if i was defi wudnt like it an def ppl cud get
ofended, he had a point but i stil wish i hadnt heard half
the things i hav in the las few days an if he had heard
them he wud understand! i get his point ho im not seyin i
dont but i reli dont think he wud av liked it if he had
heard it! it sucked! an scared me an reli upset me....but
anyways im tryin 2 b happy so i shud stop think bout it

party 2nite! cant wait! but i cant egt 2 drunk cos i gota
go home1 lol...anyway i beta go get helens prezzi!!

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