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2005-04-08 09:14:32 (UTC)


i'm at college and i can't tell you how bored i am. i've
got a free 'til half 11. **yawn**

anyway, i haven't wrote for a while because we broke up 2
weeks ago. boy, what an eventful 2 weeks i had. the first
week was great. we basically went round to sa's all of the
time & got drunk. ugh, that sounded so chav-like, but
that's what literally happened. the 2nd week was boring as
hell. not only did we do nothing, but when we all did
something (go to sa's grans), sa would invite fucking
david crowe. we argued all night long and it was sooo
boring. i really had better things to do. sa was eggin' us
on aswell, which i wasn't impressed at. she kept butting
in making sly remarks, so i basically told her to shut the
fuck up. anyway, whatever. i'm back at college now.

i'm not allowed in the chem corridor anymore, because
vicky & sharon complained that i was leaving litter
everywhere (well, i assume that's what it is - they
haven't found the sour milk in the draw, so that can't be
it). them two (well, the whole of the Chem Corridor Cunts)
are GEEKS. me and kt only go up there to take the piss.

the holiday is in crisis. lg was talking to me last night
and she said i have to have the £190 by sunday, otherwise
i'll not be able to go. i emailed my father - he's my last
hope. i've told him i'd be able to pay him back in 2
weeks, so it's not like he'll be without the money for
long. if he says "i've got no money, because i'm going on
holiday soon and all of that has to be paid off", well,
that's just bullshit because him & his wife have got
stashes of money. that's a fact. if he doesn't lend me
it..well, i can't go. i don't know when he's back from
newcastle, though, because he's up working there. i'm
dreading his reply. i really am.

it should be a good night today. me, lg, sa, ba and jh are
going out for kt e's 18th in boro. the last time we went
there (mine/lg's joint 18th) it was fantastic, so...yeh,
it should be good. me and jh are either gonna get on like
a house on fire or like cat & dogs. tomorrow night we're
going to kt h's 18th at the met. ha. that should be fun.
apparantely she's invited matt boyens n people - LMAO
(sorry, you'd see the funny side if you realise who they
actually are...)

well, another 1 hour 17 minutes of nothing to do. i've got
media at half past, so i guess i'll just randomly browse
the web until then...


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