Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-04-08 07:53:54 (UTC)

best talk

Hi all,

today MasterWes and i chatted again. Wwe had chat problems
so it was frustrating to say the least. My ex Master, S,
and i were chatting when Master Wes logged in and with the
problems Master Wes didnt come up on my contact list. As
we had problems the day before i knew it was a chat program
issue and no more but S seemed to take it as Master Wes not
wanting to chat to me and that He had indeed changed His
mind about being my Master. S gloated but i knew it wasnt
true at all. Master Wes and i chatted for a while then i
was able to ring me later in the day.

it was so great to be able to have a decent chat with him
although the conversations was mostly about S and how i
needed to look at things differently towards S now. i need
to put more energy into what Master Wes and i can be
together and forget about tiptoing about S's feelings.

MasterWes is all i have ever wanted. He is so patient and
so understanding. He makes me so happy. but i feel He has
alot ahead of him with trying to keep me on track. i dont
do it on purpose but i get so easily sidetracked when we
are talking. i begin explaining my thoughts on one thing
and end up completely on a different track. if i was
indeed a train i would be constantly getting derailed.

i rang Master Wes once again. This time i woke Him but it
was near his awake time so i dont think He minded at all.
Wwe didnt have much time to talk but He managed to bring me
to total satisfaction more than once. His voice amazes me.
It has a calming control about it. Just the sound of it
send shivers through my most intimate parts. i do love him
and i know it is only a matter of time now before i beg Him
to take me as His slave.

slave cindy.