Sean Gokey (Gokes!)
2005-04-08 04:01:28 (UTC)

April 7, 2005

Today was a pretty good day. Wakening up I went to class and
after class Skip said "hey get your ass out here and let’s
play some catch". I had to go for a run first but then I met
up with Skip, Salt, and some other guys. Meiny and Stevo met
up with us at the park. Shirts were optional at practice
today. The arm felt good but it has had better days so
that’s why I am icing tonight. I played the outfield alright
but today wasn't the best day for outfielders. The pitchers
had a rough time until finally Skip touched his right arm to
signal that Stevo was going to pitch. That kid pitched up a
storm. He owns the inside of the plate though and he makes
that known by giving you some chin music. Gore made a bad
mistake of throwing the ball in to early and he hit Skip.
Skip got real pissed. I have never herd so many expletives
about someone’s mother and I didn't know someone’s face
could get that red or have a vain pop out that far. Salt
made Gore run around the field 38 times Screaming "the only
balls I can play with are my own!” When it was my turn to
bat Stevo gave me some good pitches to hit. It got some in
the outfield and I had some good ground balls but it wasn't
my best batting day. I did re injure my hand though but I
haven’t told anyone about it. While playing the outfield
some gang bangers started to circle around us. I wasn’t to
worried though cause Stevo said " I grew up on the the
streets of LAX bitch and I'm packing heat so bring it!”
Stevo is crazy he will send back food at a restaurant. After
practice Skip had us running sprints across the street. Its
pretty tough when you see that blinking don't walk sigh you
want to stop but you have to keep going. Once we got back
Skip called me in his office. He said since I have been
working so hard in the off season I might be moving up in
the line up. Maybe not lead off but moving up for sure. I
said "Skip I don't know if I can do it" and he said "Bull
shit" and " if you lighten up for one second I will drop you
down the line up so fast it will make your head spin". We
had a team meal then and it was good. Well I got to
visualize and ice more. Skip and Salt aren’t going to be
here this weekend they are going to scout in the miners so I
will have to work out my self.