angels heart

Through my eyes..
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2005-04-08 02:49:13 (UTC)

one of my better nights

Im happy to say i finally passed one of my math tests and
im so glad i did..cause now i have a greater chance in
passing the class and being able to move onto the next
math class next semester..not bad for someone whos always
struggled with math..and not been in school for y i sent rob a song..a sweet loving one telling
him that i think ive made a mistake that i want to be with
him and for always..hes the only true man ive
known for the last three years that honestly made me happy
and i was so in love fact i never stopped loving
him even after he found out about dave..and he supports me
so much with school and isnt selfish about fact rob
was the first and only man i told about my good news
tonight..dave i didnt tell..i didnt want to..and in fact
rob has sat off from work and after my class on sat. i was
planning on spending some time with rob..and blowing off
dave..i know hell call me left and right and want to know
what the shit is up..but i dont know..i guess i should
just get more cold and tell him its over..cause in my
heart it is..