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2005-04-08 02:13:37 (UTC)


Today I came home and went to bed... slept for three hours,
got up and picked my mom up from work. Then i went back to
sleep and got up at 7. So I definetly slept for 6 hours
because I'm a dumbass. I'm not ganna be able to sleep
tonight and it's ganna piss me off. Jenelle came over and
she brought coffee. We watched steal magnolias. We cried
our eyes out. Ha. That is such a good movie. I just got off
the phone with Tim because he doesnt seem to know how to
hold a conversation on the phone. ughh. I'm not in a good
mood. I will probably clean my room... and take a shower
and do my hair... and then I will probably do my homework.
That I def. DONT feel like doing. I need to do my math
homework. I have to stay after for math tomorrow and make
up a quiz. yuck. I have had cramps on and off all day. yeah
so anyways... I'm going to go and try to be somewhat
motivated...tonight is ganna be a lonnnngggg night.