Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2005-04-07 22:13:02 (UTC)

A sign from the sky... a beacon in the night

My other grandmother has fallen gravely ill and there
is not much I can do about it. I cried for a little while
and more when I spoke to Astrid over the phone the other
night. But she helped me to feel better. Robert took the
job offer at diary queen, that I missed out on.
I was upset about it for a little while but it was
alright. Something amazing happened to me last night. I
noticed that the rain had stopped falling for a little
while and so I decided to check my mail and get some fresh
air. As I was on my way back up to my house I looked up at
the overcasting sky and I noticed that the clouds were
moving at an unusually high speed.
I stopped walking to look at them for a little while.
They were very low and odd looking. As I continued watching
them pass over head, a star revealed itself from behind
them... it was a lone star. And no other star was in sight.
It was as if it was a portal to another world. I whispered
in my voice "Lord... what am I going to do?" I drew my
sword and pointed it to that star. And the very moment that
I did, the night instantly grew silent. The crickets
silenced and frogs became mute.
I quickly sheathed my sword and kneeled before it.
Because I knew at that moment he was going to speak to me
somehow. I began praying to him and I as I looked up once
more, he transferred to me the knowledge that I needed to
continue on that night and in the days ahead. His words
somehow echoed in my heart and soul... "Do not be afraid my
son... for I am with you always."
And with that, the clouds covered the star once again,
and a strong gust of wind blew onto my body. ...The night
picked up its music from the creatures in the night and I
stood up. As I walked back to my house up the hill my
driveway is on, the wind blew against my back... as if it
was trying to push me, helping me on my way. I smiled of
course because I knew that God wanted to let me know that
everything was going to be just fine.
Today of course it is still raining. Ihop called me
today in for an interview at 11 am tomorrow... see?
Nothing was coincidence. Everything will be just fine. I
know God wants me to walk this path and that he loves me
very much. I'll always devote my life to the fellowship
that I have with him, and always be greatful. Thats pretty
much my story for as of late. I'll write again later when I
feel like it.

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